rehab pool party las vegas

Days Open

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Women and Men
Free Entry on GUESTLIST
Guestlist entries must be submitted by 9am day of event

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When people think of Las Vegas pool parties, it’s impossible to not think of Rehab. The first original pool party in Vegas and definitely the longest running, there is nothing quite like it. One of the largest of all the pool clubs, there are literally separate venues inside of this club making you feel like you’re in some beachy paradise city. While this club primarily caters to a hip hop and open format crowd, Rehab occasionally has EDM music and even full on concerts too. 

Rehab has collectively probably the largest swimming area of any day club depending on how much of it is actually open whichever day your attending. It also has an actual beach with sand and a full stage which make it definitely one of a kind. Rehab, like many other day clubs, only has free guestlist for women and even ratio groups. Which makes it nice knowing that any day you go, there will be a healthy mixed crowd of partygoers. 

Rehab usually plays hip hop but occasionally has celebrity DJ’s and hosts including the reality TV superstar DJ Pauly D from “Jersey Shore” This club has outlasted all of the others as the first Vegas Dayclub and continues to go strong today with some of the most lit day parties Las Vegas has to offer.

When to use Guestlist or get a VIP Table

The Rehab guestlist only works for girls and even ratio groups, which means that if your group has an guys in it, each guy will need at least one girl each. Guestlist gets each guest in the group free entry and even can score the ladies free drinks on occasion. If using the guestlist, remember you have to show up within a certain time frame (before 2:00pm most days) to be admitted free.

If you decide to purchase a table, you and your whole crew won’t have to pay cover, and you’ll get your very own piece of property within Rehab to call your own (either a couch, day bed, or cabana) Which table you get is predicated by the minimum amount in which you agree to spend, also called a table minimum. In this case, you spend money at your table until you hit your minimum spend.

When to use guestlist- If you are a group of ladies or if you have at least one lady for each guy then you can use the guestlist. We recommend using Rehab’s guestlist if you don’t want to pay for entry but still want to check out the club. Guestlist is great if you want to party but don’t necessarily want to be pinned down to one area of the club all day. Sometimes lines for the Rehab guestlist can be long so plan accordingly and arrive early! 11:30am is best.

When to purchase a VIP table- Purchasing a table is a great idea if you’re with a big group of people and plan on drinking or if it’s a special occasion. Or if you just don’t mind spending the cash. If you plan on drinking a bit and are with a group, getting a table can even be a cheaper option than buying your drinks individually at the bar. Not only this but you’ll have an actual spot to sit where you can kick it and ground your stuff. Sometimes it’s worth getting a table just to not have to listen to the aching feet story.

Rehab Dress code

The Rehab dress code is pretty lax relative to many other venues on the strip. Still the same kind of thing applies. Guys should wear swim trunks or board shorts with a t-shirt or tank top. No basketball shorts or any kind of jerseys or sportswear are allowed. Sandals, flip flops, and regular tennis shoes are all cool to wear in the club.

Ladies can wear a swimsuit or bikini covered by a dress or swimsuit cover. Ladies can also wear a t-shirt and shorts or just a dress without the swimsuit. Basically anything you’d see on a beach on a sunny day with the exception of that one guy that wears pants. Pants are NOT allowed in the pool parties. 

One important thing to note is that security can be pretty tight at some of the day clubs. If you’re bringing a big day bag like you would to the beach, know that it will get searched before you can enter Rehab. You might also be required to use a locker if your bag is too big to get in. Some restricted items include GoPros, professional cameras, selfie sticks, outside booze, and vape pens just to name a few. If it’s in doubt, just leave it at the room.

How to get to Rehab Dayclub

Rehab Dayclub is located in The Hardrock Hotel and Casino at 4455 Paradise Road. When driving down Paradise in your cab or Uber you’ll see a huge sign hanging over the parking garage that says “REHAB ENTRANCE” If for some reason you’re coming through the casino, head towards the parking garage and stay to your left in the casino and you’ll run into rehab.

What we like most about Rehab Dayclub

Rehab is one of the coolest day parties on the strip. Being the first real pool party in Vegas and raging for 13 years plus should give some testament to the litness of this place.

One of our favorite features of Rehab is the absolutely sprawling space it occupies with multiple pools, rivers, bridges, beaches, etc. Rehab has literally anything you could really want in a day party. It even has a full stage where they will occasionally host concerts and other big, live events. We also like the fact that there is an actual beach at Rehab made out of sand. So much room for activities!

Rehab also isn’t totally impossible to get into which is nice. If it’s a busier day, like Saturday or Sunday and your trying to go to Wet Republic or Encore Beach Club, have fun fighting the hordes of people. Rehab is so big that you won’t feel the same claustrophobia that you would in other clubs.

Rehab plays hip hop music and frequently has DJ Pauly D come by and spin which makes us like this place even more. Another important thing to note is the location of Rehab in the Hard Rock Casino. We absolutely love the Hard Rock and if you haven’t been you should check it out while you’re in Vegas. It’s got a soul and an attitude all its own.