Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas

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Spearmint Rhino VIP Package

Spearmint Rhino is an absolute must for anyone who likes to party when in Vegas! This package gets you a limo ride to and from the club, two free drinks, and your cover charge, all for just $45!

What's Included

Free Ride to and from Spearmint Rhino

2 Free Drinks

Cover Included

Spearmint Rhino

has some of the prettiest women in all of Las Vegas. Believe the hype.

It's totally unique in its design, layout, and the overall experience especially once you're in the club. When you hear people from all over the world talk about this club, it's for a reason. The overall design and layout of Spearmint is top notch giving you a great alternative to even the best nightclubs in Vegas. The environment is great for male or female guests so if you're looking for an overall great party, this is the spot.

Spearmint Rhino offers many different stages and bars with no shortage of premium, top shelf spirits making a good time always within arm's reach. Like many of the other strip clubs in Vegas, you can hang out in the main room where a majority of the action is, or hide away in one of the many private booths sprinkled throughout the venue.

Another great thing about the Rhino is the food! The kitchen is open 24/7 and has a spectacular menu. Believe it or not, many locals say they come mostly for the food (maybe so their partner doesn't get jealous?) Whether you're starting or ending your night here, great choice!

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Spearmint Rhino dress code

Just like any other club in Vegas, Sapphire enforces a dresscode. Albeit not as strict as a normal nightclub, you will still want to be conscious of what you wear out.

  • No sweatpants
  • No basketball shorts
  • No open toed shoes like sandals
  • No sports jerseys
  • No plain white t-shirt
  • No tanktops

The exception to the sportswear rule will be different if you're coming for a sports viewing party.

How to get to spearmint Rhino

The awesome part about signing up with us is that you get a free limo to take you to the club! This takes the headache out of finding a ride or driving yourself. Another great thing about Sapphire is how close it is to the strip. Whether you're going before or after the nightclub, you're only about a mile away from the strip.

Spearmint Rhino address: 3340 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109