Crazy Horse 3

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Crazy Horse 3 VIP Package

This package gets you a free limo ride to and from Crazy Horse 3, two free drinks and includes your cover! This club is a local favorite and for good reason.

What's Included

Free Limo Ride to and from Crazy Horse 3

2 Free Drinks

Cover Included

What happens after you sign up

You will receive a confirmation email saying that we recieved your sign up and some instructions about the club. Your driver will contact you shortly before your scheduled pickup to coordinate your ride. When you use our services, the limo for Crazy Horse 3 is free!

Crazy Horse 3

is one of our absolute favorite gentlemen's clubs in all of Vegas. As you may be able to gather from the pictures on this page, the decor is absolutely stunning. The club itself has a casual, intimate vibe but the design inside makes you feel like you're in a super high end, exclusive lounge.

There are multiple bars and stages throughout the venue but no matter where you are you feel like you're in the center of the party. Crazy Horse 3 does the best job of somehow mixing exclusivity with inclusion. You can tell it is a special place just by hanging out with the staff or even the fellow customers.

Like a few other gentlemen's clubs in Vegas, CH3 offers a varied menu as well with a 24 hour kitchen and a crew of professionals looking to satisfy your appetite. Aside from the elegant and tasteful main room, Crazy Horse 3 also offers private VIP areas if you're looking for more of a one on one experience

Crazy Horse 3 has similar pricing to other strip clubs in Vegas. Standard rates are around $20 a dance and can get higher when done in a private setting. VIP rooms can go by the dance or by the hour.

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Crazy Horse 3 dress code

Just like any other club in Vegas, Crazy Horse 3 enforces a dresscode. Albeit not as strict as a normal nightclub, you will still want to be conscious of what you wear out.

  • No sweatpants
  • No basketball shorts
  • No open toed shoes like sandals
  • No sports jerseys
  • No plain white t-shirt
  • No tanktops

The exception to the sportswear rule will be different if you're coming for a sports viewing party.

How to get to CH3

The awesome part about signing up with us is that you get a free limo to take you to the club! This takes the headache out of finding a ride or driving yourself. Another great thing about Crazy Horse 3 is how close it is to the strip. Whether you're going before or after the nightclub, you're only about a mile away from the strip.

Crazy Horse 3 Address: 3525 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118