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LOCATION: Caesars Palace 
Women and Men
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When it comes to production and pageantry, nobody does it better than Omnia. From its huge headlining DJ’s to the multimillion dollar chandelier light show that strobes and pulses above the dance floor, Omnia provides a true Vegas club experience. From the strip, you can see the giant venue looming over the street along with its outside terrace. If you happen to cruise by at night, you may even see a massive line of eager patrons stretching around the outside of the building.

Within the club, there are three separate rooms to explore. The main floor is where the music really thumps and is usually the most packed but the club also has a hiphop room called “Heart of Omnia” and an outside terrace that overlooks the strip for those that want a slightly less insane area to talk and chill.

Tables and drinks can be pricey here, even for Vegas, and the line at the bar is long, so you may want to pregame in your room before coming out. Entry is usually free for men and women on guest list, but when it’s a super busy weekend or a DJ like Calvin Harris is performing, guys should expect to buy tickets.

When to use guest list or get a VIP Table

The guest list is cool at Omnia Vegas because it usually will work for groups of guys as well. While many clubs in Vegas require having at least one woman per man in your group, Omnia is not like that. That being said, on busier nights sometimes there is no guest list at all for men. If you have a big group of guys and it’s a big DJ or holiday, expect to pay either for a ticket or a table.

When to use guest list- - Use the guest list if you’re not super committed to hanging out at the same venue all night or if you don’t feel like dropping the bread for a table. One of the cool things about Omnia is that the guest list doesn’t require an even ratio. Which means, you don’t need girls to get in for free. That being said, if you’re a group of 20 guys and you all try to roll into the club together, the staff might try to make you buy a table even if you’re on the guest list so go in smaller groups of max 6 people with one person from each group on the list. On the nights that Calvin Harris is playing, there is no guest list for guys. So then it’s tickets only or you’ll have to purchase a table.

When to purchase a VIP table- If you feel like drinking at Omnia, it’s worth noting that drinks can cost around $20 a piece and sometimes even more. Because of this fact, getting a table can make more sense. Tables are available in whichever of the three rooms are open with their prices varying. Usually minimums start at 600 with the least expensive tables located on the terrace or Heart of Omnia. If you want a table in the main room to see the headliner, be prepared to spend more.


Omnia Nightclub Dress Code

The nightclubs are always a little more strict on men and rightly so. Beautiful women can get away with wearing almost anything. To ensure there’s as few problems at the door as possible, guys should wear business casual clothing. Collared, button down shirts are a good option or maybe a T-shirt with a blazer over it. For pants, nice jeans or slacks work fine. Shoes are usually the biggest issue for guys. No athletic shoes or boots are usually allowed in the venue no matter how much they cost. Dress shoes are your surest way of being certain they won’t turn you away at the door.

For ladies it’s much easier. No flip flops or athletic shoes are allowed in the club and they might be hard on your shorts or Tee-shirts. A nice dress and wedges or heels are always a safe bet but you can wear flats as well and even jeans. If you’re wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time and plan to stay out for a while, take our expert advice and bring some spare sandals in your bag. This will help you avoid the barefoot walk of ratchetness down the strip at the end of the night.

If you’re in Vegas during the winter months and have brought your coat, Omnia offers a coat check. Even if your winter coat compliments your outfit really well, the security at the door might make you check it before you enter, so be prepared with a little cash. That being said, on busy nights with everyone dancing it’s easy to over heat if you’re still wearing your coat and if you set it somewhere in the venue someone might accidentally or intentionally take it so it’s a good idea to check it anyway.

How to get to Omnia

Omnia is located in Caesar’s Palace (not the real one) at 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard pretty much smack dab in the middle of the strip. Once inside the casino whether you enter from the main lobby or from the valet, stay right and walk towards the casino floor. There you will see Omnia.

OMNIA ADDRESS: Caesar's Palace 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

What we like most about Omnia

Omnia is hands down one of the coolest venues in Vegas and definitely the biggest. The club is absolutely massive and features a sprawling main room where you can check out the famous, colossal strobing chandelier that hovers above the dance floor like an alien spaceship. Omnia Nightclub has multiple bars throughout the venue which makes it easy to get service and keep your cups full.

One of our favorite features of Omnia is the multiple rooms throughout the venue that give you a variety of options on how to spend your night. Heart of Omnia is the hip hop room and has a totally separate DJ and bar for those of you that don’t dig the EDM scene. The Terrace upstairs and outside is also a great spot of you’re looking for a break from the chaos of the mainroom. Not only can you get a little fresh air and some space to talk, you can also see a one of a kind view of the strip.

We also like the fact that Omnia has a guest list that accepts groups of guys. If you are planning a trip out to Vegas with the boys, this is a great spot to hang out. Getting in isn’t super difficult yet you can still see awesome DJ’s and you’ll be around lots of beautiful women.

Who you might see

Because Omnia is a mega club with some of the world’s biggest DJ’s, you never know who will walk through the doors. One thing is for certain though, most people will stop at Omnia at least once during their time in Vegas. Because of this, you can expect pretty large lines so arrive early. During busier nights, tables can be super pricey. This feature makes Omnia one of the best nightclubs in Vegas to network.

Omnia has probably the biggest resident DJ’s in all of Las Vegas. The list is absolutely stacked with names like Calvin Harris, Zedd, Martin Garrix, Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, Nervo, and many more. And if EDM isn’t your scene, there is still the hiphop room with its own DJ and even another DJ on the terrace. Omnia truly offers something for everyone making it a huge people pleaser. Because this club is so massive, you’ll never run out of people to meet.

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