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jewel at the aria

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Monday, Friday, Saturday
LOCATION: Aria Hotel and Casino
Women and Men
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Jewel Nightclub in Las Vegas is one of the strip's newest nightlife venues. Impeccably designed and decorated, it's no wonder that this epic mega club is located in one of the most elegant casinos on the strip--the Aria. Jewel is a Hakkasan group property and as such, has many of the worlds top DJ's come through its doors. 

If you're looking to experience Vegas nightlife to its fullest, put Jewel somewhere in your itinerary. From the dazzling sparkle of its shimmering floors, to its entryway decked out in moving lights and mirrors, you'll feel like you're literally stepping into the center of a crystal.  Jewel boasts a wide variety of open format music with hip hop, trap, and EDM DJ's all entertaining the crowd on different nights.

Once inside the club, there are two easy access fully stocked bars ready to satisfy your inner thirst for adventure. If you decide to get bottle service here, pick between multiple floors and rooms all with great lines of sight to the DJ and an eager and professional staff ready to serve you. 

Keep in mind also that Jewel Nightclub is another spot where you don't need women in your group if you're using the guest list. Even groups of all guys can get in for free here most nights just by using our guest list.

When to use Guest list or get a VIP Table

One thing thats great about Jewel Nightclub is that you don't need any girls if you want to get in for free. As long as you show up in dress code and arrive by specified times you and your group will get in for free using our guest list. On special nights with big DJ's however, guys can almost always expect to pay for entry. If you have a big group and plan on drinking, you can also opt to purchase a table and bottle service for the night. This will allow you to show up whenever you want and have a space to call your own. 

When to use guest list- If you and your crew want to just check out the venue and aren't necessarily committed to the idea of staying in one club all night, using our free guest list is the best way to go. Remember though that entry with guest list is not always a guarantee and is subject to the discretion of the door and the capacity of the nightclub. If you want to use the guest list you should arrive early to the venue and be in dress code. Showing up with women in your group also helps make entry easier.

When to purchase a VIP table- Purchasing a VIP table at Jewel can be the way to go if you're feeling like posting up in a spot you can call yours, or if you have 6 or more people in your group and want to drink, or if you just feel like balling out and having the real estate. Table service includes a cocktail waitress and security guard that will be there to help you all night and make sure everything runs smoothly as well as bottles of your choice of booze. Included in the Table service options is free entry into the club, an expedited line for quick entry and a lax dress code.


Jewel NIGHTCLUB dress code

You never know who you'll meet or see in Vegas so it's generally a good idea to dress to impress. Because nearly all of the nightclubs in Las Vegas have strict dress codes, this is also a good way to ensure there are no unnecessary problems at the door when you show up.

Men should wear something business casual. A collared, button down, dress shirt or blazer or jacket, is required for the top and slacks or nice pants/jeans is what's needed on the bottom. Most clubs wont allow you to wear boots or athletic shoes but if you're spending money on table service, the door staff is a little more lenient. Generally speaking though it's a better idea to wear dress shoes or nice loafers with no logos or designs.

Ladies always have it easier in Vegas when it comes to anything nightclub related and that especially includes the dress code. Women can practically wear whatever they want. Again stay away from athletic shoes and flip flops otherwise pretty much anything goes. When in doubt, it's usually a good idea to wear a cute dress and heals or wedges.

If you're around Vegas during the winter months, you might be bringing your jacket to the club. Most Vegas nightclubs will make you check an outside coat or jacket so be prepared with a little cash (usually around $5) Some people aren't happy about checking their things and would rather keep their coat. But, the same people often get hot when dancing with their coat on, set their jacket down somewhere, and it gets accidentally taken by someone else or gets drinks spilled all over it. So the price for checking a coat isn't bad at all.

How to get to Jewel Nightclub

Jewel Nightclub is located in the Aria Hotel and Casino at 3730 S. Las Vegas Blvd pretty much in the same area as the Cosmopolitan. When you're trying to get to Jewel, it's pretty deep in the casino. If being dropped off at valet, hug the casino wall to the left and you'll eventually see the long escalators leading to Jewel Nightclub.

If coming in from the strip, you'll have to first walk through the sprawling mall Aria offers it's patrons before you enter the casino. Jewel Nightclub is itself located a floor below the casino tucked away at the bottom of a long set of escalators making your arrival that much more dramatic.

Jewel Address: Aria Hotel and Casino at 3730 S. Las Vegas Blvd

What we like most about Jewel

Jewel should definitely be a must stop destination for anyone seriously interested in Vegas nightlife. Being a Hakkasan property, the production that went in to creating Jewel Nightclub is absolutely over the top. From it's seemingly endless variety of top tier world famous headlining DJ's, to its architecture and design, to its amazing and professional staff, Jewel Nightclub truly has something for everybody.

Jewel is separated into lots of mini rooms and little catacombs that make you feel like you're spelunking in the center of the earth. Each area has a unique feel and unique perspective on the stage giving the club lots of variety. The dance floor gets packed and sweaty which can be lots of fun if you're ok with not having much personal space. We also like the fact that Jewel lets in most groups even if you don't women with you.

Who you might see

Jewel is an open format nightclub meaning it plays some hip hop, some EDM, trap, almost everything you can think you'd see in a club. This makes the crowd pretty varied--you never know who you'll meet here. Some of Jewel's frequent and resident DJ's include Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Jon, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, and PlayBoi Carti, so you know this place will be a party. And because it's Vegas, you can always expect to see a few celebrities and athletes enjoying their nights right alongside you and your friends.


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