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Hakkasan Nightclub Las vegas

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Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: MGM Hotel and Casino
Women and Men
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When you think of the Vegas nightclub experience, it's hard to keep Hakkasan out of the conversation. It does what every good Las Vegas club should do, shock and awe.

From the very minute you enter the MGM casino, you'll know something major is about to happen. Hakkasan is known for throwing some of the biggest parties in  Vegas with some of the scenes most prominent DJ's. Tiesto, Little John, Calvin Harris, Kaskade, and Steve Aoki are just a few of the names you may see performing here. 

Aside from Hakkasan's sprawling main room, it also has a large hiphop room which offers its patrons respite from the pounding of the EDM bass. With so many options in Hakkasan, it's hard to go wrong.

The performances at Hakkasan are second to none. With its state of the art sound and light system and professional and friendly staff, it's easy to forget about the outside world. Parties here rage from 10:30pm-4:00am like most Vegas nightclubs but on nights when major headliners are scheduled to perform, show up EARLY (9:30 is a safe bet)

Once inside Hakkasan you may have an acute feeling of entering some sort of insane, partying catacombs. Adventure forth and bring back the treasures of the quest!

When to use Guest list or get a VIP Table

One cool thing about Hakkasan properties is that they generally allow free entry to guys on guest list (meaning you don't have to have women in your group to get in for free) The exceptions for free guest list are on nights when the biggest DJ's are performing ie. Tiesto, Calvin Harris.

If you and your group want to come check out the club, spend time on the dance floor, and explore around, signing up for our free guest list is a great option. If you and your friends want a spot of your own to drink and party, a table may be a better option.

When to use guest list- If you and your squad want free entry into some of Vegas' biggest and most stunning shows, sign up for our guest list. If you want to explore the venue and not be tied down to a spot, the guest list is a great way to go. Our guest list works for both women and men so you don't need women in your group for the guest list to work.

When to purchase a VIP table- If it's a special occasion or you don't mind spending the bread, Hakkasan tables get you some serious bang for your buck. With your table purchase you'll get free entry for you and your crew, bottle service, a cocktail waitress and busser, and a security guard to make sure your night goes smoothly. And of course you'll have prime seating for one of the best shows in Vegas.


Hakkasan NIGHTCLUB dress code

The nightclubs in Las Vegas typically have a pretty strict dress code and Hakkasan is no different. On top of that, be prepared to have your belongings searched at the door by security before you're granted access to the club. 

For men, a collared, button-down shirt works fine along with slacks and dress shoes. Typically no athletic shoes or boots are allowed in the club either. If you want to wear a blazer over a t-shirt that is acceptable as well. It's also worth pointing out that if you're dropping money on a table, the security at the front will be much more lenient with what clothes they allow.

For women it's easy, no athletic shoes, t-shirts, or flip flops. If you think it looks cute and it sort've does to the casual observer as well, then it's probably OK to wear. When in doubt, high heels and a cute dress are always a good option.

Although what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (or ends up on social media) keep in mind you may see someone in the club you recognize. Why not make a good impression?

If you happen to be in Vegas during the winter months and you've brought a coat to the club, be prepared to use the coat check. Most nightclubs will tell you that you have to check your coat before you can enter and it usually costs around $5 cash. If your plan is to carry your coat or wear it into the club, that might not be an option. But if it is, know that it will get insanely hot inside the club with a coat and setting it down increases your chances of forgetting it or getting it stolen.

How to get to Hakkasan

Hakkasan is located in the MGM Hotel and Casino at 3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd. If you're entering the casino from valet, you'll get to see one of the coolest hotel entree ways Vegas has to offer. Walk past the checkin guarded by the iconic Lion statues. Then sojourn across the lobby and through the gaming area. Stay right and follow the signs to Hakkasan. If you're coming in through the parking structure, the same thing applies. Sometimes it's helpful to take a picture of where you parked so you don't lose your car!

Once you see the entrance for Hakkasan, find the guest list line and make sure your whole squad is with you before you go in. The one name that is on the guest list will be good for everyone in the party. If you have a table set up, you'll walk through the host line to meet your host. Remember that everyone will have to go through security and screening so make sure to leave anything behind that may prohibit access to the club.

HAKKASAN ADDRESS: MGM Casino 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

What we like most about Hakkasan

Hakkasan is one of the absolute biggest EDM clubs in the world. When it comes to DJ's, pageantry, design, lighting and sound, this club comes to impress. The way Hakkasan is laid out acts like a vortex drawing the party closer and closer to the stage where there seems to be a never ending stream of confetti and high-powered strobing lasers. It's easy to get caught staring at the professional dancers descending down ribbons strung from the ceiling. Another cool feature of Hakkasan that we like is the second smaller hip hop room. If you want a change of scenery from the chaos of the main dance floor, the hip hop room can offer temporary shelter and a cool change of pace.

One of the coolest parts about Hakkasan is that almost everyone comes through its doors at some point. And on big nights, don't be surprised to see some people spending upwards of $150K on bottles. With prices like that, you're bound to see a few celebrities.

Another cool thing about Hakkasan is that you always feel like you're part of the party, no matter where you're at inside the venue. If you're stopping at one of Hakkasan's multiple bars for a drink, or innocently stumbling back from bathroom, you may inadvertently get sucked back into the party before you make it back to your friends.

Who you might see

One of the coolest parts about Hakkasan is the crowd it draws. Everyone will probably stop at Hakkasan at least once during their vacation making it one our favorite destinations for meeting people. 

Hakkasan's list of resident DJ's is absolutely stacked. Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Lil John, Kaskade, and Steve Aoki all call this venue home and can be seen performing at various times throughout the year. If you come during one of these nights, be sure to come EARLY as the line for entry can be massive.

Because of the relatively high price point of Hakkasan tables and bar drinks, it seems to select out for a more well-off clientele. Many whales like to show off their money here adding even further to the pageantry and the experience that is Vegas.

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