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LOCATION: Encore Hotel and Casino
Women and Even Ratio Groups
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For those of us that can't get enough of Las Vegas pool parties, here's one that's an absolute must--Encore Beach Club at Night. This party has been ranked as one of the best parties in the world and it only takes stopping by once to see why. 

As a Wynn property, EBC at Night enjoys the same lineup of world class DJ's that perform at the other 3 Wynn clubs. This is different than most of the venues in Las Vegas.  This sharing of talent means you'll get to see many rockstars perform here. 

Encore Beach Club at Night is basically Encore Beach, one of the biggest daytime pool parties in the world, except it is at night. This means the same insane party, the same scandalous splashing, the same epic venue, minus the blazing hot sun. If you are looking to get a table or cabana, one thing to remember is the price difference between day and night. With the regular Encore Beach Club, lines to enter can be massive and the price of tables and cabanas reflect that. The same spot for the night party could cost up to 3 or 4 times more during the day. One more reason to love nighttime more than day. 

Encore Beach Club at Night has the classic outside pool area split up into different sections, cabanas embedded in the wall surrounding the party, an inside area where the DJ actually performs where things get crowded, and gambling tables. Really everything you could ever imagine wanting in a nightclub and somethings outside of your imagination. 

People take pool season very serious in Las Vegas. They train for months to get in shape, shop for that perfect swim outfit, and cover themselves in artificial spray tan. EBC at Night is a great place to admire/make fun of/hook up with these people.

When to use Guest list or get a VIP Table

Using the Encore Beach at Night guest list gets you free access to the club as well as some other perks sometimes. This guest list only works for girls and even ratio groups, meaning that if you have guys in your group, each one needs at least one lady to get in for free on the guest list. If that is in fact the case, mixed groups will need to arrive to the club EARLY to be able to use the guest list. If it's a busy night and its too late guys will have to pay. Ladies will get some free drink tickets most nights upon entry. 

Alternatively, if you've decided to purchase a table or section for your group, you will get free entry for your party as well as a spot you can chill in and call your own. You'll will have a minimum spend, which means you will order things from the menu until you've spent the required amount of money, which is dependent on table/party size and location. You will also get a cocktail waitress, busser, and security guard to make sure your night goes smoothly.

When to use guest list- If you are a group of ladies, or if you have at least 50% ladies in your group and are willing to arrive early, using the guest list is a great option. Lines can be big at EBC at Night if you show up late so try to come early or be prepared to wait. Using the guest list is great because it gets you in for free and can even score you a couple free drink tickets.

When to purchase a VIP table- Purchasing a table or section can be a great option. If you are a group of guys and your other option is paying cover, just go for it and buy a table. That will get you into the club without paying cover, you'll have a spot to call your own, and you'll get bottle service so if you were planning on drinking it's a more prudent decision than paying cover and buying drinks. If it's a special occasion or you just have a big group and don't feel like standing or walking around aimlessly all night, think about purchasing a VIP table. You'll have a home base for the night, have bottles for days, and be able to kick out and invite whoever you want from your section.


Encore Beach Club at night dress code

EBC at Night is one of those unique spots where the standard dress code doesn't really apply. Still there are restrictions. You either need to be prepared for a pool party or for the nightclub. So you can wear standard nightclub attire or swim suits essentially.

For guys dressing for the nightclub, a collared, button down shirt as well as nice pants/slacks and dress shoes are good. For the guys dressing for the pool, board shorts or trunks, a t-shirt or tank, and flip flops or athletic shoes. Please avoid the urge to combine both dress codes into one freakish amalgamation. If you plan on swimming, invest in a waterproof pouch or some equivalent to keep your things with you while you're in the pool. 

For ladies dressing for the nightclub, a dress or cute outfit is fine with heels, wedges, or nice flats. If dressing for the pool party, you can wear a bikini or onesie, or wear shorts and a t-shirt, with sandals or tennis shoes. Just remember the casino has a dress code too and you won't be able to walk through without a cover. Even if you want to rock it in just your bikini all day, Vegas requires that you cover yourself with some kind of dress or lacy gown.

For whatever reason, the security at the pool parties is extra strict and will check almost every part of your bag and person upon entry. Make sure to leave the things at home that you wouldn't want your principal seeing in 7th grade. Also, some prescription medications aren't allowed in as well as lotions, liquids, etc. If you are bringing something you don't necessarily feel like carrying or if you want to swim, for a nominal fee, Encore Beach Club at Night offers lockers.

How to get to Encore Beach Club at night

Encore Beach Club at Night is located in The Encore Hotel at 3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd. directly north of the last valet entrance to Wynn. If you're heading north down Las Vegas Blvd, you'll see the entrance to Encore Beach with its prominent signage as it juts out over the strip. If you're taking a cab, they unfortunately won't drop you off right here but at the Encore valet and you'll have to walk through the casino to get to the entrance of the club.

EBC AT NIGHT ADDRESS: Encore Hotel 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

What we like most about Encore Beach Club at night

EBC at Night is a spectacular venue. There are a few things about this club that really make it stand out from the rest. For one, is has some of the best performing DJ's in the entire world and if you use the guest list, most nights you can see them for free! The pool party aspect in our eyes is amazing. The dress code isn't so strict and you can relax a little bit in shorts and sandals and even swim if you want. The swim suit factor really adds to the people watching experience as well. For whatever reason, people seem to really let it go when they are half naked splashing around in the water.

Another cool thing about Encore Beach at Night is the occasional free drink tickets. This isn't an every event occurrence but if you're a woman and you show up early enough (before midnight) you can usually score a couple free drink tickets. This takes the sting out of the $25 drinks inside the venue.

Lastly, the Encore and Wynn Casinos are just so damn classy! It's hard not to feel the eager anticipation brought about by expensive perfumes, elegant chandeliers, and low playing Sinatra as you make your way through the labyrinth of slot machines and gambling tables looking for the actual club. The sense of adventure is really alive in this place and everyone can feel it.

Who you might see

EBC at Night is a premier destination for all nightlife fans that visit Vegas. You can see tons of top talent acts including some of the residents like Alesso, Diplo, Dillon Francis, Marshmello, KYGO, Jauz, and Afrojack just to name a few. This slew of DJ's brings around all kinds of music appreciators and aficionados.

Celebs and athletes can be spotted on occasion as well as some scantily clad partygoers in swim suits. This is an absolutely insane and amazing party experience. Do yourself a favor and put this one on your to-do list.

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june, 2021

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