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Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: Cromwell Hotel and Casino
Ladies Guestlist Only



Why would anyone ever sleep in Vegas? Right?

If you're up for it, there's a spot unlike any other--where people congregate after the clubs close and party until the sun literally comes up. Drai's After Hours is one of the only official after parties on the strip and certainly the biggest.

Located one floor below the casino of the iconic Cromwell hotel, Drai's After Hours is a mecca for insomniacs, hopeless romantics, and vampires. Decked out in dark red leather and suede you can't help but feel your in some sort of sensual dream where sleep isn't important and everyones a little more attractive than they probably are in the daylight.

The club opens at 2:00am and stays open until sometimes as late as 9:00am depending on how the party's going. It's one of the only clubs on the strip that services the late night crowd and because of the late night demand, crowds can get big. Make sure to plan accordingly.

When to use Guest list or get a VIP Table

Drai's After Hours now has a guest list but only for women. Men must purchase general admission tickets or purchase a table to be allowed access into the club.

When to use general admission/guest list- If it's just you and some friends throwing half hearted hail mary's at the end of the night, paying the $25 might be the way to go. You can be free to come in and out of the venue once you get your stamp after paying cover. You can also go on late night adventures after leaving the club or grab food and come back if you still feel like partying.

When to purchase a VIP table- If you have a lot of friends that are going to be there a table could make more sense. Remember that if you buy a table for the night you won't have to pay cover. Whenever it's a special occasion or you plan on drinking, a table can really maximize the value you get from the club. You'll also get an awesome, friendly cocktail waitress to help you out and a big security guy to intimidate people you don't like.

drai's after hours bottle service presentation
drai's after hours after party

Drai's After hours dress code

It's generally always a good idea to dress up more than you think you should when in Vegas. Especially for nightclubs, many guys specifically aren't allowed access into the club because of their choice of clothes. Men should wear button down shirts or blazers, with slacks or nice jeans. Dress shoes work for the feet. No boots, athletic shoes, or sandals are allowed (unless it's a night swim party!)

Ladies aren't as much of a concern. Again, generally no athletic shoes (dress code is usually more lax if your purchasing a table) Chances are, you'll be coming to Drai's After Hours after the regular nightclub so you'll probably be dressed appropriately but when in doubt, dress to impress!

If you happen to be in Vegas during the winter, many clubs require that you check your winter coat. Believe it or not, although Vegas is known for its scorching summer temps, in winter it can be cold enough to freeze water at night so it's a good idea to dress accordingly.

Just be prepared to spend a little on coat check (usually around $5 cash) Some clubs will give you the option of carrying your coat around with you but not all.

How to get to Drai's After Hours

Drai's After Hours is located in the Cromwell Hotel and Casino at 3595 S. Las Vegas Blvd. almost in the very center of the strip. When you head in through valet the entrance to the club is the first thing you see to the left as you walk into the casino. If you're walking by foot it's even easier to spot being one of the first things you see as you enter the Cromwell. 

The Club itself is located in the basement of the casino and is only accessible by elevator which adds to its mysterious appeal. Many people confuse the entrance of Drai's Nightclub as being the same as the entrance to Drai's After Hours but they are two separate venues.

Security at Drai's After Hours is a little more lenient and makes actually getting One thing that's great about Light is its proximity to the self park structure. If you're driving yourself or taking an Uber this is pretty clutch. Otherwise if you're getting dropped off at valet you have to navigate through the casino and walk towards the self park past the slot machines and gaming tables.

DRAI'S AFTER HOURS ADDRESS: Cromwell Hotel 3595 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

What we like most about Drai's after hours

When people come to Las Vegas, they think of the city that never sleeps, with 24 access to everything. Unfortunately for the party animals, most of the nightclubs close at 4:00am. This isn't true for Drai's After Hours. this club is one of the only true after hours venues on the strip opening at 2am and closing sometimes as late as 9am.

The fact that this is one of the premiere after hours spots on the strip make it a real destination for partygoers. If there's anybody on the strip that's partying after the clubs close, chances are they will be stopping by Drai's After Hours.

The club itself has a chill vibe like a hybrid of a sensual speak easy mixed with an ultra lounge. The staff is super friendly in and around the nightclub and even in the casino. The good location of Drai's After Hours makes it a convenient trek from almost anywhere on the strip.

Who you might see

Drai's After Hours is awesome because it draws people from all over the strip and from all walks of life. you'll see late late night partiers, hopeless romantics, vampires, and industry people. Drai's After Hours is primarily a hip hop club but occasionally they are more liberal with their format so expect to see all different types of DJ's and artists.

Drai's After Hours doesn't have resident DJ's per se, but does have very talented local DJ's with guest appearances and performances from a variety of stars like Dada Life and Afrojack. And because it's Vegas, be prepared to see anybody come through the doors.


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