Las Vegas Hip Hop Clubs Guest List, Calendar, & Bottle Service


Open thursday-saturday
At venetian
tao nightclub at the venetian


Open WED, FRI, saturday
1oak night club las vegas logo

Light Nightclub

Open wednesday, friday, saturday
At mandalay
light nightclub at mandalay bay


Open wednesday, friday, saturday
AT paris
chateau nightclub at the paris

drai's nightclub

Open thurs-Sunday and some tuesdays
At cromwell
drai's nightclub

drai's after hours

Open thurs-sunday and some tuesdays
AT cromwell
drai's after hours nightclub


Open thursday-Sunday
At the palms
xs nightclub outside audience

tao beach

closed for renovation
AT venetian
tao beachclub


Open FRIDAY-Sunday
At mandalay bay
xs nightclub outside audience

drai's beachclub

Open friday-sunday
AT cromwell
drais beachclub las vegas


Open monday-Sunday
At park mgm
jemaa at park mgm


Open saturdays oct-march
AT palazzo
lavo party brunch at palazzo


The hip hop clubs in Las Vegas operate much like the other venues except of course they specialize in hip hop and rap. While EDM has historically dominated most Las Vegas clubs (at least in the past 10 years or so) there is clearly a national demand for more hip hop and the clubs in Las Vegas have responded to the call.

Now, pretty much every day of the week, there is at least one dance club open on the strip showcasing some of the biggest hiphop artists in the world.

As the Vegas club scene keeps moving towards locking down resident artists, any time of year you can see performers like Tyga, Lil Jon, Drake, Migos, and more!

However, checking out one of these Vegas mega clubs isn't like stopping into your local bar for a beer. While we at Vegas Plugg are trying every day to make this process as simple as possible, you will generally always want to plan ahead. There are essentially three ways to check out this amazing venues. You can purchase tickets, use the FREE guest list that we offer, or purchase bottle service.


Using the guest list means you'll have to show up before the cut off time. For nightclubs on nights that aren't busy usually that's around 1:00am. Nights that are busy you'll want to arrive by 11 or so (sometimes there won't be a guest list if the event is expected to be slammed)

For the day club it's usually around 2:00pm and 12:00pm respectively. These are all details that your promoter will give you once you sign up for your club.

If you can't make it by this cutoff time, tickets are the way to go. Or if your group has more guys than girls, the extra guys will probably need tickets. If your group is all guys we usually recommend purchasing a table.

Tickets usually range anywhere from $30-$200 each depending on the artist performing and the time of year. When you use the guest list or purchase a table, you won't have to purchase tickets.


Pick from our calendar of events or select one of the clubs above to get started! Find an artist or venue you want to see and fill out the super simple form. All we need is your contact information and group size. You will receive an email confirming your signup and a real promoter from the venue will send you specific details via text message.

As your event gets closer, you will receive follow up information with updated details through text. This is a great time to ask whatever other specific questions you might have. If you're using the guest list, please note that you will need to arrive before the cut off time and in many cases, each guy will need to have a lady with him.


A great way to stake out some territory and increase the odds of having a stellar nightclub experience is by purchasing a table.

Las Vegas bottle service is a great way to go if it's a special occasion and you don't mind spending the extra cash. Prices usually start around $700 total on the low end, after taxes and gratuity, and get more expensive based on table location, day of the year, and artist performing.

The money you agree to spend is called a minimum and must be spent before your event is over. The more you agree to spend, the better your location will be in the club and the more you will be able to order from the menu. With your table you get a dedicated cocktail waitress serving you and your friends for the whole event as well as a security guard and busser to help make your club experience run as smooth as possible.

Our network of VIP Vegas Hosts have over 40 years combined experience in Vegas nite life and know every in and out of how the process works. whether you're looking for bare bones table entry or you're wanting the total VIP Vegas experience, our hosts can cater to any expectation. Start by filling out the contact form and a VIP Host will reach out to you.


march 30, 2020 - april 5, 2020

  • jan 06, 2020 - jan 12, 2020
  • jan 13, 2020 - jan 19, 2020
  • jan 20, 2020 - jan 26, 2020
  • jan 27, 2020 - feb 02, 2020
  • feb 03, 2020 - feb 09, 2020
  • feb 10, 2020 - feb 16, 2020
  • feb 17, 2020 - feb 23, 2020
  • feb 24, 2020 - mar 01, 2020
  • mar 02, 2020 - mar 08, 2020
  • mar 09, 2020 - mar 15, 2020
  • mar 16, 2020 - mar 22, 2020
  • mar 23, 2020 - mar 29, 2020
  • mar 30, 2020 - apr 05, 2020
  • apr 06, 2020 - apr 12, 2020
  • apr 13, 2020 - apr 19, 2020
  • apr 20, 2020 - apr 26, 2020
  • apr 27, 2020 - may 03, 2020
  • may 04, 2020 - may 10, 2020
  • may 11, 2020 - may 17, 2020
  • may 18, 2020 - may 24, 2020
  • may 25, 2020 - may 31, 2020
  • jun 01, 2020 - jun 07, 2020
  • jun 08, 2020 - jun 14, 2020
  • jun 15, 2020 - jun 21, 2020
  • jun 22, 2020 - jun 28, 2020
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04apr2:00 amAfter Hours (Friday Night)Drais After Hours2:00 am 3645 Las Vegas Blvd. South

04apr11:00 amJemaa SaturdaysJEMAA at Nomad Pool11:00 am 3772 S Las Vegas Blvd

04apr11:00 amMorgan PageDaylight11:00 am 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S

04apr11:00 amMustardMarquee Dayclub11:00 am 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S

04apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestDrais Nightclub10:00 pm 3595 Las Vegas Blvd S

04apr10:00 pmAPEX SaturdaysApex Social Club10:00 pm 4321 W Flamingo Rd

04apr10:30 pmEric DluxTao10:30 pm 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd

04apr10:30 pmDJ Ross OneJewel10:30 pm 3730 Las Vegas Blvd

04apr10:30 pmSaturday NightsChateau10:30 pm 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd

04apr10:30 pmMarquee NightclubMarquee10:30 pm 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd

04apr10:30 pmOTR SaturdaysOn the Record10:30 pm 3770 S Las Vegas Blvd

04apr10:30 pmSaweetieLight10:30 pm 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd

05apr2:30 amAfter Hours (Saturday Night)Drais After Hours2:30 am 3645 Las Vegas Blvd. South

05apr11:00 amJemaa SundaysJEMAA at Nomad Pool11:00 am 3772 S Las Vegas Blvd

05apr11:00 amSolardoMarquee Dayclub11:00 am 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S

05apr12:00 pmStunna 4 VegasDaylight12:00 pm 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S

05apr10:00 pmAPEX SundaysApex Social Club10:00 pm 4321 W Flamingo Rd

05apr10:00 pmSpecial GuestDrais Nightclub10:00 pm 3595 Las Vegas Blvd S


We here at VegasPlugg have tried to simplify the process as much as possible by doing all of the leg-work for you by actively maintaining the best connections in the city.

We always update our artist calendars with the most up to date information we can find, as well as offering instant access to our extensive network of Las Vegas promoter and hosts. Throughout your experience with us, we will send you the most up to date information possible to ensure you get the best deals and the best hook ups.

We maintain relationships with every club so you don't have to find a different person every time you want to see a different artist or venue.

Using our guest list gets you in FREE (or in some cases reduced) admission to all of the best club Vegas has to offer. We recommend setting up your whole trip at least a few days ahead of time so you can make sure you have all the information you need by the time you need it. That way you can make sure you're always on time and can see all that Vegas nightlife has to offer.

After signing up for any of our services, you will receive basic information through email and then more specific information through text message and in some cases phone call. It will be important for you to follow the instructions sent to you to get you the best deals possible. Once your Las Vegas promoter or host opens up communication through the phone, feel free to ask whatever more specific questions you might have.

Most of the time, to use the guest list you will typically need to have at least as many women in your group as you have men. Most clubs will not let in groups of all guys for free but some will like 1Oak, Jewel, Hakkasan, and Omnia. You will also need to be in dress code and everyone in your group will need to be over 21 with proper government photo ID. Only one name per group is needed to hold your guest list or table reservation when everyone is arriving together.


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