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Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
Women and Men
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Wet Republic is the definition of ultra pool, mega club, funtastic wetravaganza.

It is an immense club designed for shock and awe. If you come with a big group of friends, its a good idea to  bring a long rope and tie if off to a tree or something in the parking lot so you can find your way out.

Wet Republic is the primary pool party for Hakkasan Group so you know it's big. With it's bigness comes a stellar lineup of incredible resident and visiting DJ's including Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Zedd, Nervo, Hardwell, and the list goes on.

For some very busy events, like Calvin Harris on Memorial Day Weekend, there will probably no guest list at all and almost all other days, there is a guest list that even works for groups of guys. This means that every day you can plan on the club being packed. Plan accordingly. Drink water the day before and the day of. Prepare to stand in line for incarnations. Show up early!

If you like pool parties, chances are you'll find your way to this one. Wet Republic is one of the most stellar things you may ever see in your life so it's good to have a safe word and an emergency contact. 

Tables and cabanas can be pricey here. Our advice is if you plan on getting a section, roll deep and split the cost with your buddies. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the club and can actually be more cost effective than buying your drinks at the bar.

When to use Guest list or get a VIP Table

The Wet Republic guest list typically works with groups of people of any gender, men, woman, or other. You do need to put your name on the guest list though to be admitted entry. Some very busy days there will be no guest list at all. Remember that using the guest list doesn't necessarily guarantee entry and much of it is up to the discretion of the door and the capacity of the club.

Getting bottle service at Wet Republic will get you and your crew expedited entry, bottles, and a section to call your own for the whole day. You'll get a staff of people serving you and catering to you and your friends while you lay back and party.

When to use guest list- The Wet Republic guest list typically works for guys or girls. If you have a group of 5 or more guys, you may want to go in separately. If the hosts see big groups of guys sometimes they'll require you to purchase a table.

Using the guest list is a great idea if you don't want to purchase a ticket and don't mind standing in line. If you you're going in with a small group and don't want to spend money on a table or ticket, using the guest list is the best way to go. Just make sure to show up on time and keep in mind, entry is subject to capacity. Being on the guest list doesn't necessarily guarantee entry. 

When to purchase a VIP table- Purchasing a table is a great idea if you and your squad want to treat yourselves and don't mind spending. Not only will you not have to deal with the guest list line, you'll get expedited entry, bottle service, and a section that will be yours all day. Pick from a cabana, couch, daybed, etc and find the perfect spot to enjoy your party, all while enjoying bottles of premium booze, food, and front row seats to some of the biggest shows in the world.


Wet Republic dress code

The dress code for Wet Republic is standard stuff you'd see at a beach party really. Men should wear either board shorts or swim trunks with a t-shirt or tank top as well as sandals, flip flops, or sneakers. Athletic attire is not allowed into Wet Republic so things like basketball shorts and jerseys need to stay at the room.

For ladies a good choice would be a swimsuit or bikini covered by a sundress or cover. If you don't want to wear a swimsuit, you can also just wear a sundress or t-shirt and shorts. Sandals, flip flops, wedges, or heels are all good choices for the pool parties. Oversized bags will not be allowed in the club typically or will be required to be stored in an onsite locker. Absolutely NO PANTS will be allowed in the club.

For whatever reason, it seems that the dayclub security screens much harder than the nightclub so that being said, leave your questionable items at home to ensure entry. Some things on the naughty list include Go-Pros, professional cameras, selfie sticks, outside alcohol, and vape pens. Sometimes even gum and prescription medicine must stay outside.

How to get to wet republic

Wet Republic is located at The MGM Hotel and Casino at 3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd. If you're getting dropped off by valet or ride share, you'll have to navigate through the casino and head towards the convention rooms to find Wet Republic pool. You can also go out of the valet doors and head left and walk around the building to find Wet Republic.

WET REPUBLIC ADDRESS: MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

What we like most about Wet republic

The one thing Wet Republic has over every other venue is just sheer magnitude. Everything Hakkasan group does, they do big. The venue seems to hold an endless amount of people and most days there will be about that many there. If you like crowds and incomprehensible volume, splashing, wildness, jumping up and down in swim suits, Wet Republic is your spot.

Obviously the DJ's are a major selling point here. Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, and many more gigantic DJ's grace this stage on a fairly regular basis so there's generally an awesome chance that you'll be seeing a big show.

Another thing that we appreciate is Wet Republic's lack of gender bias when it comes to its guest list. Using the guest list here is not exclusive of groups of guys which gives them some place to go on their bachelor parties other than the strip club.

If you're out in Vegas to people watch, Wet Republic offers some of the best people watching in the entire world. See all kinds of fun body types and wardrobe malfunctions as the alcohol begins to have its effect. If you're thing is gorgeous women or gorgeous men, well you've also hit the gold mine. Maybe send a snapchat to mom of your new fiance?

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