Tao Beach Club Guest list

Tao beach las vegas

Days Open

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: The Venetian Hotel and Casino
Women and Even Ratio Groups
Free Entry on GUEST LIST
Ladies Free Drinks for 1 Hour
Guest list entries must be submitted by 9am day of event

Tao Beach Club is
Closed for renovation
and will reopen march 2021


Nestled high above the strip between the Venetian and Palazzo Casinos, ominous beats strobe above a roaring crowd at what is known as Tao Beach.

Tao Beach, as you may have guessed it, is Tao Nightclub's day venue. Open only during the summer months, which in Vegas spans a good chunk of time, Tao Beach is an awesome daytime alternative to the nightclub. Same hip hop jams, same ladies open bar, slightly more intense hang over. 

While Tao Beach is smaller than most day time venues, what it lacks in size it makes up for in enthusiasm. The crowd is always generally pretty lit and with the club doing its part to make sure there's a healthy man to woman ratio, you don't have to worry about random roaming creepers. 

True to Tao fashion, Tao Beach sticks mostly to hip hop with sometimes some open format so you can expect the crowd to be swaying to the beats.

The great thing about Tao properties (which includes Marquee clubs) is the ladies open bar which at Tao Beach is from 12-2 on Thursdays. 1-2 Fridays and Saturdays, and 2-3 on Sundays. 

Tao Beach is a great way to get a sunburn, meet some cuties, and dance your troubles away on top of two of the most elegant casinos the strip has to offer. While some of the bigger Vegas pool clubs offer mega DJ's and 9,000 people crowds, Tao Beach delivers a more chill brand of litness.

When to use Guest list or get a VIP Table

The Tao Beach guest list only works for girls and even ratio groups. That means if you are a guy, you need at least one girl with you to get in for free.

Using the guest list gets you and your squad free entry into the dayclub as long as everyone is in dress code and shows up on time. The guest list also gets the ladies of your group a free open bar wristband that is good for one hour sometimes from 1-2, sometimes from 2-3.

Purchasing a table, or in the case of a dayclub, a daybed, cabana, or couch, gets you many different perks. You'll be able to sit down and have a spot to call your own, you'll be able to stash your stuff somewhere if you want to swim, and you'll have your own staff to serve you and your friends.

When to use guest list- If you have at least one woman for every man in your group you can use the guest list. This gets you free entry into the club and wristbands for the one hour ladies open bar.

Guest list is great if you want to explore, or if you see yourself as the adventurous wondering type. You can get lost in the club, drink as you go, and let the vibe take you where it will. Also if you like to club hop this is a good option.

Chill for a while and use the ladies open bar then check out another spot if you feel so inclined.

When to purchase a VIP table- Purchasing a table is a great idea if you don't want to stand all day or want some shade. Maybe you want to relax and you have a big group and you don't mind dropping a little cash.

With a VIP table at Tao Beach comes expedited entry, your own assigned cocktail waitress, busser, and security guard as well as the option to let in or kick out anyone you want from your designated area. There are many good reasons to purchase a table and it's our professional opinion here at VegasPlugg that you try the club both ways so you can feel the difference. 


Tao Beach dress code

Dayclubs and pool parties have a much different dress code than nightclubs. Anything you could imagine wearing to the beach is probably allowed (minus a snorkel and fins) 

Guys should wear swim trunks or board shorts although I've seen Speedos as well. Tank tops are fine as well as T-Shirts and flip flops or tennis shoes.

Pants are not allowed nor are jean shorts, basketball, shorts, jerseys, or sportswear. 

Ladies are encouraged to wear swim suits with a cover or sundresses. Keep in mind that all casinos have strict rules for attire in the casino so you'll need to wear some sort of cover to navigate through to the club. Sandals, wedges or heels are fine for the feet. Again no pants are allowed and no sportswear.

Bags will always be searched upon entry and many clubs offer locker service instead of allowing large bags in the club. Some things like certain prescription drugs, liquids, gum, will not be allowed in and you'll be asked to deal with them before you come into the club. Also no professional cameras or Go-Pros are allowed so please leave those things in your hotel room.

How to get to Tao Beach

Tao Beach is located in The Venetian Hotel at 3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd. It could be possibly one of the toughest hotel pool clubs to find.

If you've been dropped of by ride share or Uber or something, you'll see the Tao Beach Kiosk and be able to receive directions from there as well as your stamp for access. If you're coming from valet or the strip, you'll have to go to the second floor of the casino where the mall is and head towards the self parking structure.

On the way there you'll see the Tao Beach kiosk. Once you get the stamp for Tao Beach, head to the elevator bank and head up to the fourth floor. Then follow the music.

TAO BEACH ADDRESS: Venetian Hotel 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

What we like most about Tao beach

Tao Beach is one of our favorite clubs simply for the level of the enthusiasm from the crowd. It's one of the only day clubs that still plays hip hop music and even offers its ladies an open bar with free drinks for a whole hour.

The minimums on its day beds and cabanas are pretty low relative to the mega clubs that have taken over the strip. The views are stunning from the top of the Palazzo/Venetian and even inside the club, as the promoters and hosts do a great job to make sure the crowd is packed with pretty ladies. 

Tao Beach is a must stop for all pool party fans. The party stays jumping and the vibe is always good. The food and drinks are spectacular here and as long as you have some girls in your group, you can get some free booze. The party is intimate and and the space is tight. It's a good place to come to meet strangers and have a good time.

Who you might see

Tao Beach is primarily a hip hop venue mixed with some open format DJs. This means you can expect to have all kinds of people in the crowd including hip hop fans and your regular party aficionado. Tao Beach's resident DJ's include DJ Khalid, Snoop Dogg, and Gucci Mane, as well as their famous Playboy Fridays hosted by playmates once a week.

Like any other venue and Vegas, there are occasional celebrities and athletes that visit this venue and you never really know who you're going to meet.

Tao beach calendar

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