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Days Open

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino
Women and Even Ratio Groups
Free Entry on GUEST LIST
Guest list entries must be submitted by 9am day of event

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If you're walking around the middle of the strip on a Saturday, don't be surprised to be interrupted by a thunderous whomp of a bass drop and the roar of a crowd slowly "losing their shit." 

Perched ominously atop the Cosmopolitan and mockingly looking down on all the ant like people on Las Vegas Blvd., Marquee Dayclub is Tao Group's newest addition to day time Vegas entertainment. Marquee Dayclub is the definition of lit. 

Not totally identified with a particular music genre, Marquee Dayclub plays both EDM music and hip hop. You can expect to see some of the biggest acts Vegas has to offer in this venue, all while enjoying spectacular views of the strip. There are multiple bars to pick from inside as well as a healthy spread of couches, beds, cabanas, and other VIP areas if you are looking to party in comfort.

Marquee Dayclub's guest list is free only for women and equal ratio groups meaning this place is seldom every a sausage fest and is a haven for fun and attractive partygoers. Not only this, but ladies even get an hour of free drinks most days. All of this means that on pretty much any day Marquee Dayclub is open, you can expect to see it jumping.

If panoramic views of the strip and a wet and wild alcohol fueled parties are your thing, then Marquee Dayclub should be on your list.

When to use Guest list or get a VIP Table

The Marquee Dayclub guest list only works for girls and even ratio groups which means that if you have guys in your group, you need at least as many girls to be able to use the guest list and get in for free.

For some bigger events like Memorial Day Weekend or Labor Day Weekend, there may not be a guest list at all. The Marquee Dayclub guest list will get you into the club for free as long as you arrive before the specified time and show up in dress code.

If you purchase a table or VIP area for the day, you and your crew will have your entry into the club covered, get expedited entry, and have an area to call your own all day with bottle service and a friendly and professional staff to see that your day goes well. 

When to use guest list- If you are a group of ladies or if you have at least as many woman as you do men, then you can use the guest list to obtain free entry into Marquee Dayclub. Using the guest list is great if you just want to explore the club or are going in a small group or not planning on drinking much.

Remember, using the guest list at Marquee Dayclub gets ladies an open bar wrist band that's good for one hour.

When to purchase a VIP table- Purchasing a table is a great option if you are coming out in a big party, or if you plan on drinking, or if you just don't mind spending the cash. It can be well worth its weight in gold to have some real estate and a place to sit and relax, especially when the club is busy.

Bottle service will get you your own private area for you and your friends and a cocktail server, busser, and security guard to ensure the funness of your party.


Marquee Dayclub dress code

The dress code for Marquee Dayclub is pretty lax especially when compared to the nightclub. Men should wear swim trunks or board shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. Sandals or athletic shoes can be worn on the feet. Generally no athletic or sportswear approved ie: jerseys, basketball shorts, etc.

For ladies it's much easier.

Women should wear swim suits with some sort of cover up like a dress or just wear a dress by itself. Shorts and a t-shirt is also acceptable. Heels , wedges, and sandals are all a good bet as well. Again no jerseys or basketball shorts. If you're bringing a beach bag, anything beyond a certain size will probably have to go into a rental locker.

On top of that, be prepared to have your belongings and your person searched thoroughly upon entry. Please leave at home anything you might think it would be embarrassing for your grandma to find. Or worse yet--illegal. Some of the things not allowed in the venue include outside booze, vape pens, some prescription medicine, gum, etc.

How to get to Marquee

Marquee Dayclub is located in The Cosmopolitan Hotel at 3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd. on the second and third floor of the hotel.

If you’re coming in from the strip, go up the escalators to the second floor the first chance you get and you’ll run straight into Marquee Dayclub. If you’re coming in through valet or self park, you’ll have to walk past the lobby bar then go up the escalators and you’ll see Marquee Dayclub.

MARQUEE DAYCLUB ADDRESS: Cosmopolitan Hotel 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

What we like most about Marquee

Marquee Dayclub is easily one of our favorite day venues. For one thing, it's always a busy spot, but never too busy. Generally you'll never have to wait for hours to get in like you will at some other places yet Marquee Dayclub still has awesome DJ's and a state of the art sound and light system in one of the coolest locations on the strip.

Not only this but ladies often get an hour free drinks during the ladies openbar.

Another thing we like about Marquee Dayclub is the general ease in which you get into the club. Some Wynn and Hakkasan venues make the process of actually getting in a total nightmare. The line for the club is inside the hotel so you don't have to stand out in the sun and melt as you wait to get in.

Marquee Dayclub also has some of the coolest DJ's in Las Vegas. DJ Mustard, Khalid, Tritonal, and Deorro can all be found performing here at various times throughout the summer.

Possibly the most important quality of this club in our opinion, is its proximity to Secret Pizza in the Cosmopolitan. Secret Pizza is one of, if not, the best pizza places in Las Vegas and the exit for the club is only 1 floor away from the Secret Pizza entrance.

Who you might see

Marquee Dayclub offers some hip hop acts as well as EDM. For this reason you can really expect to see anybody here. Marquee’s resident DJ’s include French Montana, Travis Scott, Dash Berlin, DJ Mustard, Cedric Gervais, Tritonal, and DJ Ruckus just to name a few. Serious club goers will typically find their way to Marquee at some point during their stay in Vegas.

And, because it’s Vegas, you can always expect to see random celebrities enjoying the tunes and booze right along side you and your friends.

Marquee dayclub calendar

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