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Liiquid Pool lounge las vegas

Days Open

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: Aria Hotel and Casino
Women and Men
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Liquid Pool Lounge is Aria's daytime oasis. Tucked cozily in the Aria pools, Liquid offers its guests a chill getaway from the relentless pace of the strip. This party is not as insane as Encore Beach Club or Wet Republic and that's why we like it. Find someone you like in here and want to chat more? Liquid offers a relaxed vibe and atmosphere great for socializing and getting to know people.

Liquid's guest list accepts men and women and is open most days of the week which is cool because reliably you can trust that it will be open. You can always expect Liquid to be littest on the weekends so if you're showing up after noon on Saturday or Sunday prepare to wait in line. 

Bottle minimums aren't super pricey here and hosts are typically willing to work with the guests. Many people get intimidate when they see the table line and all the cool looking hosts but they are willing to work with you and because it's Vegas, most prices are negotiable. 

Liquid Pool Lounge is open most days of the week but reserves showcasing its bigger DJ's for the weekend parties. If you're checking out Liquid on a special occasion like Memorial Day Weekend or Labor Day, expect to have to pay. The guest flist may not be valid these days.

When to use Guest list or get a VIP Table

The Liquid Pool Lounge guest list works for groups of all groups of men, women, and everything in between. This makes it a nice option for those groups of guys in Vegas still looking to do something during the day and not trying to pay an arm and leg. Using the Liquid guest list will get you and your group into the venue for free. Make sure to show up on time and follow the protocol of your confirmation message to be granted free entry.

If you decide to purchase a table or VIP area for the night you won’t have to pay cover for you and your group and you’ll have a spot to call your own along with bottles and mixers to enjoy throughout the night. VIP bottle service includes having your own cocktail waitress, busser, and security guard throughout the day. 

When to use guest list- Using the Liquid guest list is a good option if you just want to check out the club and have a good time. You won't be tied to a particular area or even the venue and your initial investment will be minimal. The guest list works great for small groups and those that want to roam around and explore the venue but don't necessarily want to commit to a bottle.

When to purchase a VIP table- Purchasing a table is a great idea if it's a special occasion or if you have a big group or just don't mind spending the money. It's typically not as expensive as you would think, and in many cases if you and your friends plan on drinking it could actually be cheaper than ordering drinks from the club. Try getting a table at Liquid if you want to chill in style and have a spot to kick up your feet. And don't be afraid to negotiate prices. Everything's negotiable in Vegas.


Liquid Pool Lounge dress code

Liquid has a pretty casual dress code for the most part. Guys should wear swim trunks or board shorts and a t-shirt or tank top with sneakers, flip flops, or sandals. Athletic wear is typically not allowed so please refrain from basketball shorts and jerseys.

Ladies should wear bikinis or swimsuits covered by a dress or swimsuit cover. If you don't want to wear a swimsuit you could wear just a sundress or t-shirt and shorts. Heels, wedges, flats, flip flops and pretty much all kinds of sandals are allowed here. Again please stay away from athletic wear such as basketball shorts and jerseys. If you are bringing a large day bag to Liquid, please note that you may have to purchase a locker for the day and leave the bag in it.

Something else to pay attention to: for whatever reason the day clubs screen way harder at the door than nightclubs. If you are trying to sneak something into the club, the security guys will find it. Just FYI. Also, on the list of items not allowed are GoPros, professional cameras, selfie sticks, outside alcohol, vape pens, gum, etc. Please leave anything questionable in your hotel room.

How to get to Liquid

Liquid Pool Lounge is located in The Aria Hotel at 3730 S. Las Vegas Blvd. When you enter the casino floor you'll follow the left walkway towards the Poker Room. Take the next escalators to the second level and follow the right walkway past the buffet. Turn left once you pass Terrene and enter The pool area outside. Follow the walkway towards the right. Liquid will be on your right side.

If you're coming from the front desk/checkin area, follow the right walkway next to Lobby Bar, pass Aria Cafe and Radiance on your right. Then repeat the directions above.

LIQUID POOL LOUNGE ADDRESS: Aria Hotel 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

What we like most about Liquid

Liquid Pool Lounge is a great respite from the excess of the strip. While it has its days and can be as lit as the best of them, what's even better about this club is its chillness. Come here if you want a place to have a good time but not get blown away by the hurricane of people at some of the much larger megaclubs.  The fact that Liquid is open so many days of the week and has a list most days for even groups of guys makes it a solid bet if your concern is getting in somewhere. 

Aside from the ease of access, Liquid is also set up in an exceptionally dope spot. Aria Hotel is a fantastic space and the actual club, Liquid, is in a very quaint and tucked away section with plenty of shade and natural privacy. Whenever your brain needs a break from the strobing lights and your belly needs a break from the brews, Liquid Pool Lounge is a great spot to recover.

Aside from its amazing schedule and gender neutrality when dealing with guest list affairs, Liquid has a solid line up of DJ's. Any day you come in here you can expect to see world class talent both on stage, and in the crowd 😉


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