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Saturday Only


The Palazzo Hotel and Casino


Free Entry for Ladies $25 for men (subject to capacity)

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LAVO Party Brunch is one of the hottest spots on the Las Vegas Strip; especially in the winter time. This epic play on what was once a peaceful in-between meal typically reserved for socialites and day drunks is yet another party thrown by TAO Group, adding to its ever growing international cohort of venues spanning the globe.

Historically, Vegas' infamous summer pool parties typically shut down at the beginning of fall. This is when LAVO Party Brunch comes to the rescue and offers us an alternative to the sunburns and bikinis.

In the past years, LAVO Party Brunch has opened at a relaxed 2:00PM offering everyone going a rare chance at some extra sleep. This can make a world of difference if you're used to the typical dayclub start times like 10:30AM. Usually the timeline begins with a casual yet upscale brunch. Only until you start to see the progressive stream of beautiful women poor through the door does it really start to sink in that you may not be in a normal restaurant.

As the waffles and mimosas get thrown back, the shades are drawn and the venue becomes a full fledged nightclub. A common misconception that haunts some guests is the fact that not everyone is allowed to eat. Only if you have agreed to the minimum spend and reserved your spot do you get to sit.



The LAVO Party Brunch guest list works for women only. So if you're a guy or have guys in your group and plan on drinking and/or eating, I'd recommend spending the minimum to get your space to sit.

Usually the minimums are around $600 per 6 person table with prices going up depending on how busy things get. Your minimum gets spent when you buy drinks, bottles, or brunch food. If the guys in the group aren't keen on spending that kind of money, guys will pay between 25-$50 at the door.

Ladies are in luck and have a free guest list that they can use. This however means that you need to arrive before the guest list closes and you may wait in a rather long line. Using the ladies guest list also gets you free drink vouchers or an hour of free openbar....

Most of the time, the cut off for entering through guest list at the day club is 3:00pm. So if you cant make it by then you will either want to get presale tickets or purchase a table.

When to use guest list-
Guest list is a great option for the girls in the group if you can make it before 3PM. The doors this year open at 12:30PM so that should be plenty of time to nurse hangovers and make it to Palazzo.

Using the guest list is perfect if you and your friends feel like exploring the venue and not spending the minimums for a table. Guest list will also get you some free drinks!

If you go this route, you will only need to submit one name to reserve your spot on the guest list and all of your girlfriends will get in free with you as long as you enter together.

When to purchase tickets-
If you don't have any ladies in your group or plan on showing up late, purchasing tickets could be the way to go. Tickets will get you faster entry and you'll be able to show up on your own time. 

When to purchase a VIP table-
Getting a VIP table at LAVO is a great idea if you have a large group or just feel like having some real estate. You will have a place to sit and enjoy your food and beverages as well as some table space for pretty ladies you might see that want to stand on it when they dance. 




LAVO is one of the absolute staple wintertime parties in Vegas. Because of this fact alone, just about everyone ends up there. Which is why you want to look your best 🙂

While you may have been to some dayclubs before, LAVO is unlike the typical Vegas Dayclub in that the dress code is a little more conservative. Instead of Bikinis and board shorts, it's sun hats and wedges. Think Kentucky derby.

If in doubt, you can apply the usual rules of nightclub dress code.



LAVO Party Brunch is located at the Palazzo Hotel on 3325 S Las Vegas Blvd just north on Las Vegas Blvd past Venetian and before the Wynn. The doors from the Palazzo valet and cab drop off put you right next to LAVO and probably 30 feet from the clubs entrance.

If you're walking from the strip, you will see a big stair case coming up from Las Vegas Blvd and into Palazzo Hotel that will also put you right at the clubs entrance.

LAVO ADDRESS: Palazzo Hotel 3325 S Las Vegas Blvd



LAVO Party Brunch has had quite a monopoly on winter parties over the past few years. This has solidified its spot as the only place for daytime shananigans. As such, one thing you will notice when you walk through the doors is the absolute abundance of beautiful women.

If you're a guy and reading this, you're probably/should-be stoked! As a woman, you might get irritated by the long wait at the bar and the 8 other girls wearing the same heels as you.

Other than the noticeable imbalance of women to men, LAVO also offers great views of the strip from its terrace and a welcomed retreat from the chaos of the main room. Whenever you're in a Vegas club, its always nice to have a place to get some air.

If you have decided to go the route of purchasing a table, you will also get the option of trying LAVO's epic brunch menu including waffles, seafood, crepes, etc. Not many clubs will let you eat like a king with a wide spectrum of breakfast food, then proceed to spray champagne directly after.

Also worth mentioning, parking in the Palazzo and attached Venetian Hotels are free which is always a nice perk!



LAVO has had some awesome acts over the years including LMFAO and DJ Khaled. Being one of the only spots open for winter day parties, everyone who is serious about partying eventually makes it this way.

One of the deciding factors that draws alot of people is the fact that LAVO offers brunch food for at least the first few hours the club is open. If you are looking for some bomb food, champagne showers, and to watch people party in themed getups, LAVO is your spot!



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