Las Vegas Dayclub and Pool Party Guest List, Calendar, & Bottle Service

Encore beach club

Open FRIDAY-Sunday
At Encore hotel
encore beach club pool party las vegas

Marquee Day Club

Open Friday-Sunday
at cosmopolitan
marquee pool party at the cosmo


Open FRIDAY-Sunday
At Mandalay bay
daylight pool party at mandalay bay

tao beach

closed for renovation
AT venetian
tao beach pool party


Open monday-Sunday
At aria
liquid day club at the aria

wet republic

Open friday-sunday
at mgm
wet republic day club at mgm


Open monday-Sunday
At park mgm
jemaa pool lounge vegas

bare ultra pool

Open Friday-Sunday
bare pool lounge las vegas

drai's beachclub

Open FRIDAY-Sunday
At cromwell
drai's beachclub vegas


open saturdays oct-mar
AT palazzo
lavo party brunch las vegas


Vegas day clubs are much like if you took the nightclub and added sunshine, swimsuits, and more alcohol.

Just like the nightclubs in Las Vegas, there is a wide and varied cast of mega DJ's you can see perform at any given time throughout the summer at most venues. One of the things that makes the day clubs and pool parties so special in Vegas is that they aren't around forever. Most day clubs are only open from the first of March until somewhere in mid October. While there are some clubs only open during winter months like LAVO, the day party scene is a far cry from what it is during the scorching summer months.

Also like the nightclubs, there is a process to getting into the actual venue. You either need to have tickets, be on the guest list, or purchase VIP bottle service.


If you plan on showing up to the club later on in the day and you don't think you'll make the cutoff time, usually by 1pm on busy days, tickets might be a better way to go. Also, most clubs in Las Vegas require each man to have a lady in order to use the guest list. If your group is all guys we usually recommend purchasing a table.

Tickets can cost somewhere between $30-$200 each depending on the time of year, the venue, and which artist is performing. When you use the guest list or purchase a table, you won't have to purchase tickets.


Simply select what event you want from our calendar of events or pink one of the clubs listed above at the top of this page to get started! Find an event that looks interesting and fill out your complete information including full name, phone number, email, and number of women. You will also get an email with basic details, along with a real promoter from the venue contacting you with more accurate details by text message.

On the day of your even or sooner, your dedicated promoter will send you more specific details about the club including what time to arrive and how busy you should expect the venue to be. This is a great time to ask whatever specific questions you may have.

Please remember that using the guest list requires that you and your group show up before the cut off time. More often than not, it also requires each man to have a lady accompany him.


Getting bottle service at the day club is a great way to go if it's a special occasion or if you have a big group. The extra space gives you a place to stash your stuff and you get served on by a cocktail waitress instead of having to go to the bar.

Entry level pricing for tables and cabanas in the daytime can vary drastically from club to club. But on the low end of the spectrum its usually starts around $500. For bigger day clubs with big artists performing on a busy day like Saturday pricing usually would start at about 2k, just to give you a ball park.

The money you agree to spend is called a minimum and must be spent before the event is over. The more you agree to spend, the better your location will be in the day club and the more you will be able to order from the menu. With your minimum you get a dedicated waitress, security, and space you can call your own all day.

Our network of VIP Vegas Hosts have over 40 years combined experience in Vegas nite life and know every in and out of how the process works. whether you're looking for bare bones table entry or you're wanting the total VIP Vegas experience, our hosts can cater to any expectation. Start by filling out the contact form and a VIP Host will reach out to you.


june 7, 2021 - june 13, 2021

  • mar 15, 2021 - mar 21, 2021
  • mar 22, 2021 - mar 28, 2021
  • mar 29, 2021 - apr 04, 2021
  • apr 05, 2021 - apr 11, 2021
  • apr 12, 2021 - apr 18, 2021
  • apr 19, 2021 - apr 25, 2021
  • apr 26, 2021 - may 02, 2021
  • may 03, 2021 - may 09, 2021
  • may 10, 2021 - may 16, 2021
  • may 17, 2021 - may 23, 2021
  • may 24, 2021 - may 30, 2021
  • may 31, 2021 - jun 06, 2021
  • jun 07, 2021 - jun 13, 2021
  • jun 14, 2021 - jun 20, 2021
  • jun 21, 2021 - jun 27, 2021
  • jun 28, 2021 - jul 04, 2021
  • jul 05, 2021 - jul 11, 2021
  • jul 12, 2021 - jul 18, 2021
  • jul 19, 2021 - jul 25, 2021
  • jul 26, 2021 - aug 01, 2021
  • aug 02, 2021 - aug 08, 2021
  • aug 09, 2021 - aug 15, 2021
  • aug 16, 2021 - aug 22, 2021
  • aug 23, 2021 - aug 29, 2021
  • aug 30, 2021 - sep 05, 2021
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The day club and pool party scene in Las Vegas is completely unique to any other entertainment experience in the world. People come from everywhere to see the worlds biggest DJ's perform in front of an almost nude, always splashing, evergreen swathe of tourists from across the globe.

However, getting in isn't always easy, or inexpensive! At VegasPlugg, we have done all the leg work for you. When you fill out one of our contact forms, your information is immediately sent to a host or promoter and they send you the details and instructions you need for your event. By working with staff directly at the club, you will get the best deal possible in all scenarios.

We actively maintain a healthy network of living, breathing, hosts and promoters at each and every day club so you don't have to rely on chance. Never again will you have to rely on a dusty phone number from 4 years ago or whether or not your name is actually on the list. We got you!

After signing up using our forms, you will get an email with basic details about your event. Shortly after, a host, promoter, or representative will be in touch through text message to send you more specific details about your event. This is a great time to ask whatever specific questions you might have. It's important that you follow the instructions sent to you so we can offer you the best deals possible.

We do not offer any events that are for anyone under 21 years old. So everyone in your party will need to be of legal drinking age and have appropriate, government photo ID.

If you plan on going to nightclubs and day clubs, you will need to pick your battles. The desert sun combined with long nights/days of partying and lack of water can take its toll. If you want to party, it's a good idea to pace yourselves.

Using the Las Vegas day club guest list usually requires each man to have a lady. Even then, men don't always get in free. Day clubs that let guys sign up for guest list solo are usually Liquid and Wet Republic.


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