KAOS nightclub

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Nights Open

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: The Palms Hotel and Casino
Women and Even Ratio Groups
Free Entry on GUESTLIST

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KAOS is the newest behemoth club to hit the Vegas scene. With over 100,000 square feet of party space, a function1 sound system, and a capacity to hold around 10,000 guests, this place has one mission — shock and awe. Located at the Palms Casino, Kaos is the first Vegas club owned by station casinos and has already made quite a splash. Opening weekend in April of 2019 came fully stocked with performances from Cardi B, Travis Scott, Marshmello, J Balvin, fireworks, pool parties, and sky writing from a small jet plane a thousand feet above the club. Because it currently is the newest megaclub in Vegas, lines can get long and it’s a good idea to plan accordingly. Some events are particularly busy and on such occasions, early arrival is recommended.

When to use Guestlist, get tickets,or get a VIP Table

The Kaos Nightclub guestlist works for women and even ratio groups. That means that if you’re a woman, or each man in your group has a woman to go in with, guestlist will work for you. This doesn’t always mean you will get free entry. On some events that are super slammed, guys will be reduced cover on guestlist only while girls will be free. Guestlist will frequently score the ladies free drink tickets as well. If you’re looking to check out a seriously incredible party but don’t want to drop the money on tickets this is definitely the way to go.

Most of the time, the cut off for entering through guestlist for the nightclub is 1:30am at the latest. So if you can’t make it by then you will either want to get presale tickets or purchase a table.

When to use guestlist- Guestlist is a great option if you have equal or more girls in your group and can arrive before 1:30am. Using the guestlist basically gets you the same access that a general admission ticket would give you and sometimes the ladies in your group will also get some free drink vouchers.
You will get a confirmation email and/or text message that will serve as confirmation for your reservation that you will need to show at the door for entry.
If you decide to go the route of using the guestlist, only one name is needed to hold the reservation and all of the party will need to arrive together. If you’re party is splitting into groups, make sure each group leader has their name individually entered onto the list as well.

When to purchase tickets- If you don’t have any ladies in your group or plan on showing up late, purchasing tickets could be the way to go. Prepaid tickets can be relatively inexpensive when bought ahead of time, and do much more to guarantee your entry than guestlist. Also, the lines tend to be much shorter for prepaid tickts as well. If for example your group is 3 ladies 5 guys, the couples could put their names on the guestlist while the extra two men purchase tickets.

When to purchase a VIP table- Getting a VIP table at Kaos Nightclub is a great idea if you have a large group or just feel like having some realestate. You will have a place to call home base as well as a safe, security guard, and cocktail waitress to make sure your night is as lit as possible. Nightclub prices are typically the most expensive on Saturday day while Friday and Sunday are more reasonable.

KAOS Nightclub dress code

Because Kaos is a the new hot spot right now, it’s always a good idea to dress to impress! You never know who you will meet.
Nightclub dress code requires patrons to dress somewhat business casual or how you might dress for a new years party back home.

For men, that means you will need things like collared shirt, slacks, and dress shoes. Examples of types of clothing that are not allowed are shorts, ripped jeans, athletic gear, tennis shoes, jerseys, hats, and sunglasses. When in doubt, guys can feel confident with a simple blazer over a t-shirt and some dress pants. Please be aware that as part of the check-in process, you will have your belongings searched. It is a good idea to leave many things at home including marijuana, prescription medicines, and pretty much all liquids.

For the ladies in your group, you really can wear pretty much anything. But again it’s a good idea to stay away from things like jerseys, hoodies, sportswear, and athletic shoes. A dress and heels will get you in basically everywhere.
Whether male or female, be prepared to go through heavy screening at the door and having your belongings checked. This is to ensure the safety of the club, its staff and patrons. Be sure to leave things at home that are illegal or embarrassing.

How to get to KAOS NIGHTCLUB

Kaos Dayclub is located at the Palms Hotel on 4321 West Flamingo right after interstate 15 and across from the Rio. Once you arrive at The Palms, simply walk into the casino from valet and take a left. The guestlist line is usually in front of Lucky Penny Restaurant or Shark Restaurant towards the left of the casino (the most eastern portion) On super busy nights, the line will often be by the uber rideshare pickup outside of the casino towards the east parking lot.

Also worth mentioning that if you are driving your own car, The Palms offers FREE PARKING to everyone not just locals! This makes getting to and leaving from nightclub much easier and less expensive 🙂 If you are an Uber or Lyft patron you can expect about $8 fares coming from the Flamingo hotel, just as a frame of reference.

What we like most about KAOS Nightclub

KAOS Nightclub is absolutely stunning from start to finish. From the function 1 sound system to state of the art audio/visual production and design, KAOS delivers a festival quality experience in the intimacy of a 10,000 person megavenue.
Many unique pieces from artist Damien Hirst can be found inside of the nightclub including Hirst’s 60 foot tall headless demon statue. Around every corner and between every beat there is something for your senses to feast on.
One of the things we like best about Kaos is the amount of party space. Coming in at a whopping 100,000 square feet, it’s easy and fun to get yourself lost.
Most of the time, at night the outside/patio area is open as well offering guests a nice break from the crowd inside the club.
Also, within The Palms are other sister venues including Apex Social Lounge and Scotch 80 giving guests a nice opportunity to pregame and change up the scenery.
Probably one of the coolest things about The Palms is that it’s a spot within a spot. Meaning you don’t have to go anywhere to find what you need. Tourists adventurous enough to mosey off the strip will find themselves pleasantly blown away by the overall $800 million Palms renovation.
Oh yea, did we mention parking is FREE?

Who you might see

Home to some of the biggest and most eclectic artists in the world, Kaos Nightclub has a literal who’s-who of massive artists.
Being the first Vegas club to really embrace Latin megastars, artists like J-Balvin, Bad Bunny, Annuel AA, and Ozuna can all be seen performing here as well as mega artists from other genres like Cardi B, Marshmello, Kaskade, Above and Beyond, Deadmau5, Skrillex, G-Eazy, Slushii and more!
Because The Palms and Kaos Dayclub are so trendy and unique, it has quickly become our absolute top pick for people watching too!