Intrigue nightclub

Intrigue nightclub las vegas

Nights Open

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
LOCATION: Encore and Casino
Women and Even Ratio Groups
Free Entry on GUESTLIST
Guestlist entries must be submitted by 7:30pm day of event

Get on the Intrigue Nightclub guestlist
for free!

Intrigue is the latest nightclub creation of Wynn properties and one of the newest venues on the strip. If you’re ready to be taken on a magical forest ride through a living replica of Alice and Wonderland, you’ve found your spot.

The Wynn and Encore Hotels, firstly, are stunning from the second you walk in, with a seemingly endless budget for flowers. With this bursting open of the senses, you would think you’d be less caught off guard by the future proceedings. Alas, the onslaught of flora and colors do little to prepare you for the actual experience of Intrigue Nightclub.  

Complete with waterfall, fog machines, and occasional free pizza, you would think a place like Intrigue Nightclub would exist only in dreams or in badly written movies. But luckily enough for us, it’s open 3 days a week here in Vegas. Intrigue throws some of the best industry parties in Vegas and there can always be a strong local showing even on nights you wouldn’t think would be busy. Girls are almost always free on guestlist here and guys with a girl. You’ll have to show up early to be allowed entry but when you get in it will be worth it. 

This place is a must see for EDM fans and people looking to have a good time. Huge DJ’s cruise through here on a regular basis and if you time it right, you can pregame here with a few free drinks and head to Wynn and Encore’s sister venues Encore Beach at Night or XS.

When to use Guestlist or get a VIP Table

The Intrigue Nightclub guestlist only works for groups of ladies or even ratio groups meaning if you’re a guy and you want to use guestlist, you’ll need to come in with at least one woman each. Guestlist gets you free entry but is subject to capacity and discretion at the door. Guestlist may not be available for holidays like Memorial Day Weekend and for some bigger DJ’s.

VIP table service at Intrigue means you and all your friends get in for free, have a spot to call your own where you can sit, dance, drink, and stash your stuff. You’ll get a cocktail waitress, busser, and security guard that will be there to serve you and you’ll be able to kick out or invite whoever you want from your section. You and your friends will order whatever you want from the menu until your spending minimum is met.

When to use guestlist- Use the guestlist when you want free entry into the nightclub for you and your friends. Sometimes the guestlist here will even get you some free drink tickets or free pizza as well. Using Intrigue’s guestlist is great if you want to explore the club or even bounce around and check out other venues.  You won’t be tied to a spot and you can drink as you go.

When to purchase a VIP table-Purchasing a VIP table can be a good idea if you don’t mind spending the extra cash. If you and your friends want some real estate or its a special occasion, check out table options. Usually when 5 or more friends are going out together, we recommend purchasing a table. You’ll have a place to call home base all night and its alot easier to keep track of your friends. If you plan on drinking in the club, drinks can range anywhere around $15-25. Not only is getting a table fun, it also can help you save some money.

Intrigue Nightclub dress code

Vegas is probably the best place to network in the world, you never know who you’ll run into. This is why we recommend always dressing to impress especially out at the nightclub. This strategy will not only help you stand out, it will also help ensure you actually make it into the club. 

Every Vegas nightclub has a dress code. For men, Intrigue requires a collared, button-down shirt and nice pants or slacks as well as dress shoes. Guys can also wear a suit jacket over a plain shirt. No boots, sandals or athletic shoes are allowed.

For women, its much simpler. As a general rule of thumb, if it looks cute, it’s probably OK for the club. Still here, athletic shoes are not allowed nor are jeans with big rips and tears. To be safe, it’s recommended that women wear a cute dress and heals, wedges, or nice flats. 

If you are in Vegas during the winter months, you might notice how chilly it can get at night and bring a jacket or coat out to the nightclub. Most Vegas nightclubs will make you check your coat and Intrigue Nightclub is one of those spots. Usually it will run about $5 for coat check so it’s a good idea to come prepared with some cash. If the club allows you to wear your coat inside, keep in mind how hot it can get when dancing inside and out of the cold. The $5 coat check can be a small price to pay to not have to carry your jacket around everywhere.

How to get to Intrigue Nightclub

Intrigue Nightclub is located in The Wynn Hotel at 3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd.  If you’re entering the Wynn from the strip, stay near the strip as you walk through the casino and look for signs that say Intrigue and you’ll find it. If entering through ride share or valet, walk across the casino and head towards the strip, whereupon you should come across the signs for Intrigue Nightclub.

What we like most about Intrigue Nightclub

There are many nightclubs in Vegas. It’s hard to find one that stands out as much as Intrigue. 

For one, women on the guestlist will not just receive free entry, but sometimes get free drink tickets as well. Some nights, the staff even walks around the nightclub handing out pizza to the girls! Anytime a venue takes care of its guests, we are instantly fans.

Intrigue also has a stacked line up of resident and visiting DJ’s including Diplo, Dillon Francis, Marshmello, Jauz, Flosstradamus, Afrojack, RL Grime, and more. It’s hard to avoid this place long if you call yourself an EDM fan. With Wynn Group totally taking over the EDM and nightlife scene, this is definitely a venue worth checking out. We also like the waterfall and cool lagoon area in the back of the club that gives Intrigue Nightclub a very humid appeal.

Also, Intrigue is located in the Wynn which is one of our favorite casinos on the strip. If you’re a fan of pretty, well designed things where there is attention to detail, then you’ll like the Wynn and Encore hotels. Try gambling or checking out some of the lounge bars before or after you visit Intrigue Nightclub.

Who you might see

Intrigue Nightclub throws down with some awesome parties. It’s a great industry spot so expect to see lots of locals as well as tourists. All Wynn properties share amazing DJ’s and Intrigue is no exception. This makes the hardcore fans come out as well as everybody else. Expect Intrigue to be busy and packed with cool people most nights. Celebrities and pro athletes like to frequent Intrigue as well as some of Vegas’ biggest spenders. You’ll probably get to see an insane bottle presentation or two.