Hyde nightclub

Hyde nightclub las vegas

Nights Open

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
LOCATION: Bellagio Hotel and Casino
Women and Even Ratio Groups
Free Entry on GUESTLIST
Guestlist entries must be submitted by 7:30pm day of event

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Hyde Nightclub in Las Vegas is truly one of the most unique venues on the strip. For one thing,  Hyde is a much smaller venue than most of the mega clubs that seem to be so fashionable in Las Vegas today. In a world dominated by the thinking that “bigger is better,” Hyde truly does stand out. The venue is mostly tables surrounding a crowded dance floor. There are multiple bars to serve your drinking and socializing needs and a spectacular view of the Bellagio fountains. 

Hyde is an awesome nightclub with great industry and themed parties. If you want to meet locals and Vegas and really network. partying at Hyde is a great option. And when we say the view of the fountains is amazing we mean it. You might as well be in a submarine underneath them.

When to use Guestlist or get a VIP Table

The Hyde Nightclub guestlist only works for girls and even ratio groups, which means that every guy in the group needs at least one girl with him. Hyde is almost always free for even ratio or girl groups on the guestlist which makes it nice because generally you can expect to get in free here with the exception of major holidays like New Years. Guestlist grants free entry for those that sign up given they are in dress code and arrive at the appropriate time. Entry is always subject to the capacity of the club and the discretion of the security staff.

If you decide to purchase a table, you’ll get access to the club for you and your friends, have a table and real estate for you and your squad, and bottle service as well as a cocktail waitress and a security guy to make sure you have a great night.

When to use guestlist- If you are a group of ladies or if your group has at least as man women as men, you can use the guestlist for free entry. This isn’t expedited entry or include necessarily any drinks, it is just for free entry. If you use the guestlist, you’ll have to arrive by a certain time, usually 11:00pm or so, and meet the dress code requirements to be granted entry. Guestlist is a great option if you want to explore the club and aren’t really committed to hanging out in one spot all night. 

When to purchase a VIP table- Purchasing a table can be a great idea at Hyde if you want to sit and check out the fountains or want a specific spot in the club you can call your own. This is one club where we truly do recommend table service even if your group is small. The club itself is designed for the customers who spend. That being said the prices can be surprisingly low and you get some bang for your buck at Hyde. If it’s a special occasion or you just feel like splurging a little, try purchasing a table.

Hyde Nightclub dress code

Hyde has a pretty standard dress code although you do see many locals here so there’s definitely a trendier vibe. In general it’s always a good idea to dress clean and slick, you never know who you’ll meet out here in Vegas. Guys are required to wear collared, button down shirts and clean pants or slacks with dress shoes. Conversely you could wear a blazer or suit jacket over an undershirt and that would be acceptable as well. No athletic shoes or boots are permitted in the club.

Ladies of course have it much easier. And as a general rule if you’re a woman, if it looks cute wear it. Still clubs tend to frown on athletic shoes, flip flops, shorts, and torn jeans. When in doubt, wear a cute dress or skirt with heels or wedges.

If you’re in Vegas during the winter months and have brought a jacket or coat out to the club, be prepared to check it. Some clubs will allow you to wear your coat or jacket into the club but most won’t and offer a coat check. The coat checks conveniently only accept cash (usually around $5-10) so be prepared.

How to get to Hyde Nightclub

Hyde Nightclub is located in The Bellagio Hotel at 3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd. on the casino level of the hotel. If you’re passing it on the strip, you can see it past the fountain jutting out into the water. If you’re coming from valet or check in of the Bellagio, stay towards the right wall of the casino and walk and you’ll see Hyde.

What we like most about Hyde Nightclub

Hyde offers some very interesting things that many clubs don’t. Hyde has some of the best industry parties theme parties in all of Las Vegas. The vibe and setting is intimate and getting to know chill people is easy here. Also the shows really give you an up close and personal experience of the music. 

Lastly, but in our opinion one of the coolest things in Vegas, is the view of the Bellagio Fountains from Hyde Nightclub’s patio. You can check out one of the greatest things the strip has to offer from a perspective not many people get, all while enjoying rad tunes and five star service. Not only that but you can but you can buy out the patio that overlooks the water. Not a bad way to do Vegas. 

Who you might see

Hyde Nightclub usually operates as an open format style club playing both EDM and hip hop with different themed parties here an there so there is a wide variety of people that you can run into here. Some of its performers and hosts include athletes, celebrities and local DJ’s.

The smaller and more upscale venues tend to bring out the celebrities that are trying to steer clear of crowds. Be prepared to meet people you wouldn’t expect and dress sharp!